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Studio Summer Policies



You must have a tuned, functioning piano, or a full-size touch-sensitive electronic keyboard in the home for daily practice!

All students must sign a practice agreement. A minimum of 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week is required for beginning level students, 40 minutes for intermediate level students, and 60 minutes for advanced students. Parents are expected to establish and enforce a regular daily practice schedule. Parents will be informed if the student is not prepared for their lessons or is not making adequate progress for his or her ability and level of study. Students who are consistently unprepared will be dropped from study.

Summer Lessons

The Summer Lesson schedule is flexible and can be arranged to fit the busy summer schedule of students and their families. Summer Lessons are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, from late morning and into the evenings except during Studio Vacation Periods (see below).

Students register for summer lessons by completing and submitting the Summer 2015 Registration & Lesson Request Form. Lesson time availability is on a first come, first service basis with preference given to students who take regular weekly lessons. Please contact me for the form.

Students are expected to arrive at their scheduled lesson on time and with all of their lesson materials. A small tote bag is recommended to keep lesson materials together. Summer lessons are scheduled at a specific time for each student.

Students should come directly into the studio when they arrive. If you expect to be more than 5-10 minutes late, please call me. To keep my lesson schedule on time, please notify me at the beginning of the lesson if you need to discuss an issue with me or call me at your convenience.

Lesson Books and Materials

For your convenience, I purchase all lesson materials for each student. A non-refundable registration fee of $10, plus a materials deposit of $40 is collected from each student to cover the cost of purchasing lesson books and other materials throughout the year. The cost of books and materials purchased for each student is deducted from this deposit. I will notify you when books and materials exceed this amount and an additional deposit will be due.

Summer Policies and Tuition

My Summer Studio Summer Policy is fair and flexible, and follows the recommended practice of the Music Teacher's National Association (MTNA) and Music Teacher Association of California (MTAC).

All Current Students are required to take at least four (4) lessons during the summer months to reserve a time in the Fall Schedule. The required 4 lessons can be scheduled at any time (M-Th) during the summer, beginning on June 16 and ending on August 21st at a time that best fits your summer schedule.

There are several Summer Tuition Packages available to choose from. Students can purchase a Summer Tuition Package that bests suits their summer schedule. Please contact me for details on the Summer Tuition Packages.

The Summer Tuition does NOT include music books, materials, and competition or evaluation fees. These are deducted from the Books and Materials Deposit.


There are NO make-up lessons for cancelled or missed lessons. Cancellations of lessons greatly diminish the student's progress and commitment. You have reserved a space and time in my teaching studio, which I cannot fill with another paid lesson, and the Studio Tuition Fee covers far more than weekly lesson contact time.

NOTE: as a courtesy for the summer months, a scheduled lesson may be re-scheduled for another lesson time during the same week, and if I notified more than 48 hours in advance and is subject to availability. This policy does not apply to lessons September through May.

No adjustments, monetary refunds, or reductions in Studio Tuition Fees or payments will be made for extended absences, cancelled or missed lessons, or the Studio Vacation Periods listed below.

To help you understand these changes, please read the following articles by Wendy Stevens, and Vicky Barham, PhD.

Studio Summer Vacation Periods

The Studio will be closed on the following dates.

Studio Vacation June 1-15, 2015
Studio Vacation August 24 - Sept 4th, 2015

Lessons in the Fall resume on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.


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